For highest resolution recordings of large choirs, bands and orchestras, this tried and true technique yields a remarkably accurate and lifelike recording when played back through a quality sound system.

Multi-channel and Surround

When it is desirable to set up multiple microphones to more precisely balance the sound being captured by individual performers or sections, or for the purpose of making a surround recording, we have the capability to capture up to 12 microphones at 96 KHz simultaneously or 20 channels at 48 KHz.


By tracking individual parts and individual performers one or two at a time, infinite tracks, layering and possibilities arise. One-person bands with complex arrangements are not only possible, but really fun!

Record it dry

No effects processing is recorded into the original source sound. This leaves the tweaking possibilities open to re-combining and mixing to the client's liking.

Live mixing

Using the multi-channel and software-configurable capabilities of our gear, setting up a very complex live show for flawless execution is one of our specialties. Drawing on decades of experience in live sound reinforcement situations and radio engineering, we will blow your mind with clear, consistent sound.