Surround Sound


For the best Surround Sound recordings, it starts with the recording.

For live events that will benefit from a Surround Sound, we will set up at least 4 microphones to capture 360 degrees of crystal clear sound to independent channels.

For studio recordings, each and every take of each microphone is recorded to its own track for precise control of level balancing, effects processing, and placement in the surround space.


When mixing for Surround Sound, we use a true 5.1 mixing setup so we can truly hear and control the mix. Due to the fact that we have been home theater enthusiasts for a long time as well, we even have a variety of processors and speaker combinations with which to validate our mix.

Delivery Media

There are several ways we can deliver Surround Sound recordings.

DVD Video, Blu-ray

As the most common and popular formats to accommodate Surround Sound, we fully support DVD Video and Blu-ray. If you have still images or video to accompany the audio, full authoring and production is also available.

DVD Audio

While this format has not become very mainstream, it does still exist and provides us the capability to deliver the highest quality audio recordings available, both in stereo or Surround Sound.

Raw Audio Files

For customers who need the flexibility, we can delivery individual audio files for each surround channel.